Spring / Summer 2015

ADHD Center | CBT for ADHD
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for ADD/ADHD

The clinicians at the Best Practice ADHD Center believe in an integrative approach to being successful in overcoming ADD/ADHD symptoms. A core component of successful ADHD and ADD management is the integration of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) into patients treatment plans. While other modalities may help in some aspects of treatment, CBT has been found to be the most effective in treating and improving ADD/ADHD symptoms. CBT helps one who is suffering by bringing awareness in identifying the relationship between what one is thinking (thoughts),feeling (emotions), and what we do (our behaviors). It is beneficial through helping one understanding the negative thoughts and beliefs that influence our behavior and lives. Once we can learn to recognize and stop dysfunctional and unhelpful patterns of thoughts and behaviors, we can then structure our mentality for success. CBT is time-limited and solution focused which provides those with immediate strategies to begin using in their day-to-day lives. CBT therapy will take the focus off of repeated mistakes and failures, and help one understand, simplify, and structure their behaviors and thoughts in a way that will make one continually more successful. A CBT therapist acts as your own personal guide to better understanding who you are, why you do what you do, and how to make changes that you feel will empower and better your life.

At the Best Practice ADHD Center, your Cognitive Behavioral Therapist will work with you to develop your own personalized treatment plan. In your sessions you can expect:

  • An intake evaluation to understand your unique and specific situation and discuss goals, plans, and strategy for our work together to overcome your ADD/ADHD symptoms.
  • Understand where your own patterns of thoughts and beliefs about yourself and the world have become unhelpful and how to overcome them
  • Develop a set of skills and tools personalized to your strengths that you can use in any situation to help yourself be successful
  • Together find useful ways to structure your days, and learn to appreciate small, attainable goals that help you ultimately reach even greater accomplishments.
  • Role-play scenarios/practice strategies for real world success
  • Learn breathing and relaxation techniques, meditation, mindfulness practices, and any other supportive measure to help improve wellbeing
  • Finally we will strategize a plan for future success and prepare for any setbacks you must face so that you are able to face any new challenge with strength.

CBT therapy sessions are typically 8-12 weeks and are collaboratively crafted with each individual in mind. We will discuss a plan that fits your needs, comfort level, and symptoms for the best possible outcomes.