Spring / Summer 2015

ADHD Center | Why Tutoring
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Why Tutoring

Tutoring at the ADHD Center is a significant step in the process of success at school by supporting and working collaboratively with your ADHD plan. The tutor will assess your child’s learning style and develop a personalized plan and strategy that will address the educational aspect of managing ADHD.  Completing homework assignments can often be the most difficult part of the day for children with ADHD and their parents. Tutoring will not only provide a safe and comfortable place for children to complete their assignments, but it will also be a time for both parents and kids to learn strategies for future success by working with a highly trained and experienced tutor. Having a tutor involved in your plan is crucial in creating self-help strategies to cut the “strings” that pull students off-course when they are trying to focus and complete assignments.  Through a personalized, hands-on approach, strategies for focusing, studying, time management, social, and spatial awareness skills your student will be taught to gradually increase their confidence and independence.  This brain-based tutoring system is an integral part of the plan your team of ADHD doctors and therapist will personally tailor for your child.  Together we will ensure that your individualized program will utilize each child’s learning-style (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic) strengths to enhance the way your student’s brain learns best.  One-on-one homework help; using strategies to focus and succeed will boost student confidence, practice self-help skills, and drive student achievement.