Spring / Summer 2015

ADHD Center | Non-medication Treatment
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Non-medication Treatment

Stimulants medications are widely used to treat the symptoms of ADHD. However, Stimulant medications DO NOT treat the underlying cause of ADHD; they will simply help to relieve the symptoms. Once a medication is stopped, the symptoms tend to come back, creating the need to take medications indefinitely. Additionally, each person responds differently to medications. Some experience significant improvement while others show only little gains.When cognitive behavioral therapy, counseling, parental and social skills training, as well as practical support are used together for the treatment of ADHD, it can help children with ADHD and their families’ better cope with everyday problems. This method addresses the underlying cause of ADHD and provides useful and sustainable skills to manage the symptoms, without the need for medications for the rest of one’s life.


At the Best Practice ADHD Center we provide you a comprehensive assessment for ADHD, co-occurring, and other psychiatric conditions. More importantly, for persons with ADHD, we offer evidence-based, cutting-edge treatment modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), social, emotional, and parental skills training, tutoring support, and besides computer-based brain training program and physical activities specifically designed to improve cognitive skills, that are compromised in ADHD. Our experienced psychiatrists, therapists, and trained staff work with you and your child monitor the response, challenges, and improvement of the process and consider medications only when it is really needed.