Spring / Summer 2015

ADHD Center | Social Skill Training
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Social Skill Training

ADHD and Social Skills Training

Social skills training for children is an important and practical step in the comprehensive approach used to help children be successful in managing their ADHD symptoms. All children crave socialization and acceptance, and those diagnosed with ADHD are no different. However, due to their ADHD symptoms, kids find this to be a challenge. Our ADHD program at Best Practice Psychiatry will help identify and address the underlying psychosocial causes of children’s symptoms and work with them to develop these skills in a fun and relaxed environment.

Learning practical skills with a trained professional will help develop areas in socialization that are often lacking and difficult for children with ADHD. It will help them learn to overcome their challenges with strength and strategic tools. With dedicated time on these skills, children can learn to interpret verbal and nonverbal cues, develop increased self control, and better understand and manage the world around them.

Social skills training focuses on helping the child behave in a more socially acceptable way with a specific step-by-step approach. It helps them:

  • identify their own personal triggers
  • increase frustration tolerance
  • develop interpersonal cooperation skills
  • assertiveness training
  • listening and conversation skills.

Additionally, children can learn to accept consequences for their actions. Learning these skills will help children understand the impact of their behaviors, know clear and specific way to manage them, and provide them with opportunities to be successful in the future.

A CBT therapist will help the child understand the relationship between their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to increase awareness, understanding, and develop increased control over their actions. Counseling will aid in breaking down behaviors, thoughts, and emotions into smaller steps, and help them understand their unique differences. The kids will also learn modifying and adjusting their behaviors in the moment to make socializing and interacting with others a more pleasurable experience.

Any new skill may be challenging to learn at first. However, with consistency, structure, and practice, any child can learn improved ways of coping with their ADHD symptoms.